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ok so updating. i talked to shains dad and apologized for the whole him catching us doing stuff thing and he was mad appreciative of that. apparently no one else has done that for him before so hes all yay and yay and yay with me.........and lets what else... ooooooooooooh importante! yesterday was me and shains 2 month anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


may not seem like a long time to you but i am uberly yay and happiness

we actually hung out . u see.... cos well we couldnt hang out on the 1st month anniversay....which sucked but yeah. we saw national treasure....... it was ok...... it just seemed whenever they had a problem it was fixed rather easily and nicolas cage didnt really get into his character......yeah... i was like: "his names ben? fuck no! its nicolas cage ! get it right biotches!" i probably slaughtered the spelling of his name and i dont care at all. not one bit. nope. ok so yeah we were gonna see spongebob but we decided against it cos i was like i want to see this it might actually stimulate my brain cells.....i mean yes it was thrilling at times and i did jump at some things and say "woahhhhh...creepy" to things but i give it an overall C+ it was good but it couldve been sooooooooo much better.

ohhhhhhhhh and i saw a mad oldie but goodie friend i havent seen in forver plus more time

shain was like "he seems nice" and i was like "shain if pawl hadnt been there one day, i would be dead right now b/c of suicide.. he saved me..he called the ambulance. dude this kid rocks." i said this to shain when we got in his truck

he just hugged me mad tight........ i think i saw a tear fall but i'm not sure...........

i really love shain and i'm so glad i'm wih him...........

today though i was wishing a couple things and i felt so horrrible about it...... i was wishing he was more intellectual and taller. the taller thing i dimissed and said phoeey baloney to. but .. i mean shain is smart but i wish i could discuss books with him and i cant and it sucks............i mean he makes me smile and i love what we have but i'm just a lil bookworm and i wanna discuss and shit........

le sigh

oh well

well i'm heading to the shower i feel stinky

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the super amazing laura

ps- our dance group thingy made it to finals! yay for everything!
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